These are some screenshots from the control panel applet that sets parameters for the capture service.

The first screenshot shows the basic serial I/O parameters for the selected PABX (serial port, baudrate, flow control etc.) as well as the type of the line termination string (CR, LF or both). All settings are saved to the system registry.

 The second screenshot shows the PABX message format: fields, their byte length and an optional formatting string (for date, time etc.).

You can set the data link file (a .UDL file that contains information about the database connection), and supply a station identifier (in case you want to collect data from multiple PABX's).

Also, you can set the type of database update, continuous or in batches. In the latter case, you can set the days of week, the time window and the time interval between updates. This can be very handy if you want to collect data from sites connected with low bandwidth or intermittent connections and you don't want to keep the communication line up all the time.

Of course, I kept the best screenshot for dinner: This is a "beta" version of the database schema the management program uses for accounting purposes: It takes account of different charging zones, user authentication profiles etc... the only problem is: I really could use some help with all this, it is growing out of my capabilities (and my precious time...)