So, what's the PABX project?

The project is a complete suite of programs written in Borland Delphi that are used for capturing messages from key phone systems (Public Access Branch eXchange - PABX) and recording them to any type of database with an OLE DB provider or an ODBC driver. The project includes these sub-projects:

  1. PABXcapture service - This is the main NT service that listens to the computer's serial port, captures messages from the PABX, cuts down the messages to individual fields and adds the parsed messages to a local queue in memory. Depending on the configuration, you can have the service send the messages to the database without delay (realtime) or wait for doing all database transactions within a certain "window of time" within the week (e.g. Monday-Friday 09:00-21:00). The service will save all pending messages to a logfile upon system shutdown and reload them when the system restarts. It is fully multithreaded so that no data will be dropped off the serial FIFO queue when e.g. the database connection gets dropped.
  2. PABXcpl - This is a control panel applet that does all configuration work related to the capture service. Currently it's in Greek only, and translative work needs to be done ...
  3. PABXmgmt - This is a simple administrative application that prints reports and makes fresh coffee... Currently it's in a stale state because I lost nearly all my work regarding this project in a HDD crash last Christmas (how's that for a present? :-) I finally managed to save most of the source code, but the forms were gone and I really didn't put much effort on it..